Is edible glitter really edible, or not?!  For a while now it appears there has been much confusion over the use of glitter on cupcakes!  

So following the release of yet more guidance from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) yesterday and Rainbow Dust Colours Ltd releasing a "public use declaration" for the products in their Sparkle Range let us try to clear this up. 
  • Only glitter clearly labelled as ‘edible’ and made of permitted ingredients, should be added to food that is intended to be eaten.
  • ‘Non-toxic’ and inedible glitters that have been tested and meet the requirements of the legislation on food contact materials, can be applied to food for decoration, but they should not be eaten.  
  • Other ‘non-toxic’ glitters that do not meet the requirements for food contact materials should not be applied to food – whether eaten or not.   
Following this advice you will not go wrong!  However, you can find out more in the FSA's latest guidance where you will also find a FAQ section on The Use of Glitters and Dust with Food.  

We would urge people not to be put off using glitter/dust on their cupcakes, following "glittergate"!  Should glitter/dust be used on your cupcakes ordered from The Cupcake Box we will always advise if it is for decoration only or edible.  If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch! 

You can contact us HERE.  

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